What is Kopa.io

Kopa.io is an upcoming lightweight issue collaboration board.

With kopa.io you will be able to manage issues from GitHub, Gitlab and many more on a Kanban-like board.

You no longer scroll through lists of issues, but you rather organize issues presented as cards on a board, moving them from one column to the next until they are done.

drag n drop

Kopa.io is currently in early development but we'll give away beta invites very soon.

Sign up up to our beta to become an early kopa-bird.

Some history

Kopa.io has started out as an internal prototype we still use at takadimi.de to master the ever growing list of issues.

Using multiple tools (GitHub, Gitlab, Basecamp, ...) that all deal with issues or tasks we had the need to get a single board to manage all these in one place.

This is how kopa.io was born. At this point it looked like this:

kopa prototype homepage

kopa prototype board

After using the prototype for several months internally we decided to turn it into a real and polished application for everyone.

Together with the folks over at studiobosco we now develop a beautiful looking application that will be a joy to use.

Community / Chat

If you like you can join the discussion at Gitter or leave a comment below.

Ondrej Brinkel
Ondrej Brinkel

Freelance Web-Developer, Musician, founder of kopa.io

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