UX Progress: The new issue board

With kopa.io your work should not feel like actual work, but rather natural and easy. Something that does not get into your way.

The issue board is most comparable to a whiteboard you pin sticky notes on. So the major challenge for us is to make something that is as easy and fluid on the screen. While having the benefit of being able to work on it remotely and together in real time with a tight integration into your existing workflows.

To get an impression on how the new board works and behaves, we produced a short video clip. It is a snapshot of the current state of development and will be refined furthermore. Based on tests with real people like you? We strongly believe in User-Centered Design and that is why we want to include real users in the process. As soon as possible.

1. Editing Columns

Columns can now be edited in place so you immediatly see the changes. Before column editing was done in a seperate screen where you lost the visual and mental connection to the board.

2. Editing Issues

Issues are also edited in place. This was also the case in our prototype but now the edited issue is clearly separated visually by dimming everything else.

3. Filtering issues

Issues can now be filtered by issue number, title or description. We also added filtering by labels. Additionally issues can be filtered by milestone and assignee.

What is next?

There is still a lot to do until we reach the Beta phase for kopa.io. And next we want to focus on testing the new board and integrating it into the other parts of the app.

If you are already subscribed for the Beta we will contact you soon about participating in the upcoming tests. We really look forward to creating an app that perfectly works for you.

Ondrej Brinkel
Ondrej Brinkel

Freelance Web-Developer, Musician, founder of kopa.io

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