Reinvent yourself: a fresh design, a fresh start

During the last year kopa has undergone some major iterations and design changes, before ever seeing the light of the day. Thanks to all, still patiently waiting for the release. We are really lookging forward to bring you soon.

The web and how we interact with it is changing. It is shifting from monolithic applications towards data and API driven services. So we decided that the future of kopa is to smartly and easily connect your existing services and your data. You should be able to continue using the tools you already have without compromising on flexibility and usability.

This brought us to the conclusion to rethink kopa and it's design from the ground up.

Early prototype

This was the early prototype of the board.

Initial board design

The initial design soon did not matched our new vision of kopa.

Intermediate board design

This design was heading into the right direction but missed some important aspects.

Current board design

The current design is making use of the material design patterns and focuses on clearity and readability.

Heading in this new direction the kanban board is just the start of what will be possible in kopa.

The current state of development is looking very promising:

We have a solid authentication and authorization using OAuth working, so you will be able to login using your favorite provider like GitHub, Gitlab or Twitter. Also the backend of kopa is already done. So currently we are working on finishing the frontend. Planned with the beta release is the integration of GitHub, Gitlab and Asana. But we will be adding more in the future.

However we cannot give a fixed release date yet. We actually gave up making any promises about it. At the end we are still just a small but dedicated team. Our goal is to bring you the best online productivity tool, that integrates seamlessly with your existing solutions.

Ondrej Brinkel
Ondrej Brinkel

Freelance Web-Developer, Musician, founder of

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